As a healthcare professional, you are most familiar with your patients’ needs and when hospice may be an option. Hospice El Paso is here to support you, your patients and their families.

Many healthcare professionals are pulled in two directions:  wanting end-of-life care at home, but not wanting to accept that time has come. Overly optimistic prognoses can add to confusion. Unfortunately, hospice providers often hear families say, “We wish we had called sooner.”

Having a conversation about life expectancy and end-of-life choices are difficult; however, they can ultimately result in your patients’ and families’ gratitude.  As a healthcare professional, you can provide the knowledge, comfort and options you’re your patients and families need.

Research shows that an early referral and longer patient hospice stays are associated with better quality of life near death.

The Hospice El Paso team can:

  • Manage your patients’ pain and symptoms
  • Provide an expert team of professionals who can address the needs of your patients to allow them to live an improved quality of life.
  • Transition patients to Hospice El Paso’s Center for Compassionate Care inpatient facility for short-term care when pain and/or symptoms cannot be managed in the home setting.