Discussing hospice care can take place anytime. Due to the slow progression of many diseases, it can be difficult for family members to determine when a patient is eligible for hospice care.

Most people say they wish they had called Hospice El Paso sooner.  Waiting until the final days or weeks of a patient’s life often means missing out on the full benefit of hospice care including months of care, support and companionship.  Starting the hospice conversation early provides time to allow all questions to be answered and a plan to be put in place before a crisis occurs.

The Hospice El Paso Admissions Nurse and Counselor are available to provide information and assess the patient at any location called “home” to determine whether hospice criteria is met and hospice care can begin.  The Admissions team always ensures patients and families can meet at the time and place most convenient for them to further discuss the hospice benefit.

  • Step 1

    Contact Hospice El Paso at (915) 532-5699 to discuss your loved one’s condition.

  • Step 2

    The Hospice El Paso Admissions team will contact your loved one’s physician and assist in arranging for a hospice order to conduct an evaluation.

  • Step 3

    The Hospice Admissions Nurse and Counselor will schedule a convenient time and place to meet to assess your loved one and provide information about the hospice benefit. The Hospice team is happy to meet you at your home, the hospital, a healthcare facility or any place that is convenient for you and your family members.

Hospice El Paso partners with hospitals, nursing homes, assisted living facilities and healthcare professionals to support patients and their families and make the transition to hospice as easy as possible.  We work alongside family caregivers, providing education and answers to all the most difficult questions.

Once a patient begins hospice care, Hospice El Paso will have all the needed hospice medications, equipment and medical supplies delivered to the patient or the family.  The patient will begin receiving regular visits from the Hospice El Paso team.

To ensure patients receive all the benefits of hospice care, we encourage families and healthcare professionals to begin the hospice conversation as early as possible.

If a patient does not meet the criteria for hospice care, the Hospice El Paso Admissions team will schedule follow-up calls (with patient and family agreement) to discuss the patient’s progress and wishes.

If you think it might be time for hospice care, it probably is. Please contact Hospice El Paso at (915) 532-5699 and an Admissions staff member will be happy to assist you.