Each patient and family member has a unique set of beliefs and values.  The Hospice social worker provides initial and ongoing psychosocial assessments of the patient and establishes a psychosocial plan of care, taking into account these very important principles.  Visits are made based on the established plan of care; however, a patient, family member or any member of the hospice team can request additional visits as needed.

The social worker’s goal is explore all opportunities and possibilities for the patient and family, as well as addressing the necessities associated with the end of life process.  This broad range of assistance and information can include:

  • Assistance with Advance Directives (Do Not Resuscitate orders, living wills, Powers of Attorney)
  • Financial aid opportunities
  • Information regarding community or state resources
  • Assistance with funeral arrangements
  • Assistance with nursing home placement or transfer to an inpatient care facility.
  • Counseling for patient or family in times of crisis